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Todo: Forbes 10 Mobile Apps

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Forbes listed 10 Mobile Apps To Make Your Business More Productive In 2013


Interesting and new to me…

Meeting Mapper and Meeting Mapper Fierce – “an intuitive and elegant application for iPads that makes it easy to gather up and “map” (thus the name) the information you need for truly successful meetings. This application tracks the role and the stance (opinion) of every participant in a meeting, and makes it easy to create action items or next steps and automatically schedule the actions for follow up.” 


RabbleBrowser for iPadmakes sharing URLs, files and anything stored on Dropbox easy to do. With RabbleBrowser, any number of iPads in a conference or meeting room can instantly chat or share a browsing session.” 

Read the full list by Forbes here.


Weave Profile: Joules Jewels Update

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One of our first Weave users was small business owner Jillian Knox of Joules Jewels. She was interviewed by the Intuit Small Business blog here about using Weave for her vintage clothing business.

Weave team paid a visit to Jillian on site the Alameda Pointe Antiques Faire….

We’re happy to update that Jillian now has permanent retail location in the heart of the Mission District! Joules Jewels Vintage 2489 Mission Street #37 San Francisco, CA 94110

Jillian Knox Store

Jillian Knox Store 1

Congrats Jillian! You’re the queen of vintage and we’re happy to know that Weave helped you to organize your business the way you want it!

Todo: Feedback on Weave

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It’s true, even if we attempt to increase our productivity, it’s often that “last minute” that really drives the project forward! For me, it’s often the most creative moment in a project too.


Many  Weave users have been leaving feedback about the function that allows you to set the date/time due and recording time spent on a project.


Weavers: Do you assign date/time deadlines to your Todos? Do they recur? Weave team would love to hear what you think about the time management functions. 

Todo: 9 Tips To Increase Your Focus

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Productivity always seems to elude us at one time or another. I  love this graphic by Yumi Sakugawa with nine tips for increasing your focus when you need it! I really believe in her “Focus on 3 tasks per day”. It’s true when I create my top 3 todos and I complete them, it leaves me with a sense of accomplishment and the mental space to create my next task list! What are your top tips for increasing productivity and focus?


Todo: Read Top 5 Tools For A Small Business

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Admittedly, I am big fan of “Top #” lists. Running a small business means I can’t sort through the software, cloud based services and social media at my leisure. Sycamore Street Press made this sweet little list of tools they couldn’t live without.


Image source: Sycamore Street Press

An interesting mention on their list was FreshBooks – cloud based inventory management and invoicing.  From their review “….It’s all cloud based, which makes it easy to manage orders while traveling with our laptop/iphone as well as accessing our account from multiple computers in our shop. It is simple and convenient.

Add a Weave “Todo” and check the list. Maybe you’ll find cool tools or new ways to use existing ones! Link

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NerdWallet’s Mother’s Day Your Way Winner

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Congrats to the winners of the NerdWallet Mother’s Day Your Way Winners. I selected ForeignSpell’s tutorial entitled “A Song For Mama” as the craft category winner.  I thought it was a very sweet and inspired tutorial. Most anyone would enjoy a hand carved print from their loved one.  The imperfections make it charming with this linocut method and easy for people of all ages to do.



Thanks NerdWallet for including me and THANKS to moms everywhere who often have a crazy, but rewarding life. One filled with many “Todos” which we Weave together to keep our families going!

Weave @ Mobile Success Stories Panel

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Weave team member, Jamie C. was invited to participate  in a panel for San Francisco Small Business Week. SF Small Business Week is a partnership formed to honor and support the more than 85,000 thousand small businesses and entrepreneurs that call San Francisco home.

About the Workshop…
The cloud has transformed the way businesses operate, big and small, and mobile technology is now creating new growth opportunities for small businesses around the world. Just as personal computers revolutionized accounting and financial accounting processes over the past two decades, mobile technology now creates big opportunities for all types of businesses. During this workshop we discussed best practices on how to maximize opportunities with these new technologies…

Panelists included:

Adam Wegener of Tash Amps – Trash Amps turns soda cans into portable speakers for your mp3 player.


Sadie Scheffer, founder of Bread SRSLY bakes breads using whole grain, certified gluten free flours, local and organic produce, herbs and home-dried fruits. Sadie was a recent recipient of the  Intuit’s Small Business Growing Strong “wish grant”!


Jamie Chan of Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco – Producing Bay Area art and craft festivals since 2006.

Each of us had a story to tell about we started our small business. All of us found challenges in managing our business outside the office. From delivering bread on bike, selling Trash Amps at street fairs or working with employees across the country, we all had to find mobile and cloud based solutions for running our businesses.

The conversation focused on there main aspects of business operations:

  • Social Media & Customer Touchpoints – Which ones to use and how to mange them?
  • Finances & Inventory – How to manage your products/services
  • Productivity – Keeping on track, meeting deadlines and maintaining accountability

Lots of wonderful solutions came out  from both panelists and the audience. Some notable mentions:

Social Media & Customer Touchpoints

Pinterest – “Collect and Organize Things You Love” A way to visually organize and share content and products. Create visual boards for your web clippings. You can have both private and public boards. *FREE*

Buffer – With this app you can easily add great articles, pictures and videos to your Buffer and they  share them for you through the day on various social media platforms (FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc…) *FREE*

CrushPath – Bring your elevator pitch to life with a simple, customizable, visually appealing page you can send and share privately or publicly.

Finances & Inventory

GoPayment – Take credit card payments for your business through your smartphone.

Stitch Labs – This service allows you to manage inventory, orders, expenses, contacts, and statistics across various selling platforms, all in one place!

Mint – Financial management of multiple accounts all in one place. *FREE*


Light Mail – Easily merge multiple e-mail accounts and see ALL attachments at a glance

Weave – An app that enables you to manage projects, tasks and finances all in one place. Sharing with collaborators and sync-ing with social media and personal calendars.

Cloud Based Document Sharing and Storage 

ZoHo – offers a suite of online web applications geared towards increasing your productivity and offering easy collaboration

Evernote – Store clippings from the web, documents, images, text and more…all in one place!

Gimme Bar – Take web clippings, and organize with hashtags, and share. *FREE*

Google Drive – Hosting a full suite of office software, document storage and sharing tools. Get going with 5GB of storage. Free.

Find more stories and tips on Intuit Small Business Blog.