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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Todo: Forbes 10 Mobile Apps

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Forbes listed 10 Mobile Apps To Make Your Business More Productive In 2013


Interesting and new to me…

Meeting Mapper and Meeting Mapper Fierce – “an intuitive and elegant application for iPads that makes it easy to gather up and “map” (thus the name) the information you need for truly successful meetings. This application tracks the role and the stance (opinion) of every participant in a meeting, and makes it easy to create action items or next steps and automatically schedule the actions for follow up.” 


RabbleBrowser for iPadmakes sharing URLs, files and anything stored on Dropbox easy to do. With RabbleBrowser, any number of iPads in a conference or meeting room can instantly chat or share a browsing session.” 

Read the full list by Forbes here.


Weave Profile: Joules Jewels Update

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One of our first Weave users was small business owner Jillian Knox of Joules Jewels. She was interviewed by the Intuit Small Business blog here about using Weave for her vintage clothing business.

Weave team paid a visit to Jillian on site the Alameda Pointe Antiques Faire….

We’re happy to update that Jillian now has permanent retail location in the heart of the Mission District! Joules Jewels Vintage 2489 Mission Street #37 San Francisco, CA 94110

Jillian Knox Store

Jillian Knox Store 1

Congrats Jillian! You’re the queen of vintage and we’re happy to know that Weave helped you to organize your business the way you want it!

Todo: Feedback on Weave

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It’s true, even if we attempt to increase our productivity, it’s often that “last minute” that really drives the project forward! For me, it’s often the most creative moment in a project too.


Many  Weave users have been leaving feedback about the function that allows you to set the date/time due and recording time spent on a project.


Weavers: Do you assign date/time deadlines to your Todos? Do they recur? Weave team would love to hear what you think about the time management functions. 

Todo: 9 Tips To Increase Your Focus

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Productivity always seems to elude us at one time or another. I  love this graphic by Yumi Sakugawa with nine tips for increasing your focus when you need it! I really believe in her “Focus on 3 tasks per day”. It’s true when I create my top 3 todos and I complete them, it leaves me with a sense of accomplishment and the mental space to create my next task list! What are your top tips for increasing productivity and focus?