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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Todo: NerdWallet Mother’s Day Contest

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Nerdwallet is hosting a fun blog contest to celebrate mother’s day…

Your mom gave you life, so give back your love. This Mother’s Day, give a gift from the heart and enter to win cash prizes by showing us how you’ll celebrate Mother’s Day your way!

To enter, write a blog post about the best Mother’s Day present under $25.
There are many different entry options – you can make, bake or buy, but the most
important part is telling us why! The more meaningful and creative the present, the better.

To get your entry counted, shoot us an email at
with a link to your blog post before 11:59 PM PST on May 11, 2013. That’s it!
You can view the Terms and Conditions for the contest here.

Weave blog writer Jamie Chan was selected to be the Best Craft/DIY Judge  for this fun competition. We can’t wait to see all the awesome entries!

One blog entry we love are these handpainted star necklaces from Sky & Light


Her pendants show the exact stars in the sky  from the location of your preferred event (birthday, anniversary) at the time you want.  Each comes delicately painted on a vintage optician’s lens with a sprinkle of stardust and backed with a translucent blue sky.  Now that’s a present that mom won’t forget to show off!

Psst….you can grab items from the Sky & Light Etsy shop at 15% off with this Nerdwallet coupon.

Grab your phone and add this Todo. A few minutes of blogging could turn into a cash prizes up to $1000 USD!


Weave Mention: Organizing Apps That Will Change Your Life

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Ashley Meyer over at DBL Designs blogged about apps to help you stay organized. Weave was her pick “To Get Jobs Done On Your Own. Check out the full article here.

WeaveMention_DBLWhat are your top TWO apps for organizing your personal and business life? We’d love to hear about them!